Video Tutorials

Video Tip - Make an Accurate V-Groove Tool

In this tip video, I show you how you can modify a standard cheap mount board/mat cutter to cut a V-groove precisely along a line you've marked on a piece of thick card. This is especially useful for building sturdy boxes out of thick card like greyboard!

Video Tutorial - How to Make Small Game Boxes

In this video, I'll show you how to make small boxes for your print and play games in a few different ways. These boxes are suitable for a deck or two of cards, or collections of small tiles or similar; the next video will cover the creation of larger, sturdier boxes for games with a board or more components.


Video Tutorial - How to Die Cut Tokens

In this video, I'll show you how to construct a jig to perfectly align tokens in your die-cutting machine every time, and then how to lay out a printing template in Inkscape and calibrate it.

This first part of the tutorial covers the construction of the jig:

The second part, covering the calibration of the template, will be coming soon.


(Unfortunately, there's a possibility that even if you buy exactly the same cutting die as I have, the blades may not be embedded in the carrier in exactly the same position, and it's inevitable that your jig will be slightly different from mine... so there's no point me sharing the templates I've already laid out.)